Croatia Sail

01 – 08/10/2016

A week of island-hopping with Busabout; going from Split to Split.

D A Y   O N E   –   H V A R


We set sail.


Hvar harbour.


Hvar, from the base of the fortress.


Tequila Boom Boom.

D A Y   T W O   –   K O R Č U L A

Day two and already there was a change of plans. The weather was terrible; and it was super choppy. Half the boat was sick. So il capitano made the call that we would have to skip Mljet; which I was really looking forward to. People say it’s Croatia’s greenest island. The north west part of the island is a national park.



This isn’t how I pictured sail week.


Marco Polo’s house.


D A Y   T H R E E   –   D U B R O V N I K


This is more like it. But unfortunately it was my one and only swim for the whole week. In hindsight, I did not appreciate this moment enough.


Walking the walls.




Watching a cliff jumper.





Bucket cocktails. So much liquid.

D A Y   F O U R   &   F I V E   –   M A K A R S K A

Having skipped Mljet earlier in the week, we had a spare night, which we used to spend an additional night in Makarska. I would’ve preferred to stay an extra night in Dubrovnik. It was a long day of sailing from Dubrovnik to Makarska. Close to 12 hours. It was a shame we weren’t able to anchor somewhere for a swim stop, because it was one of the few nice days we actually had. The silver lining I guess was that I had all the time in the world to finish my book.



Got some more sun the following day, but it was too windy for a swim.


D A Y   S I X   –   O M I Š


Happy birthday Lindsey!


Hiking up to the fortress.



From Fortress Starigrad.

D A Y   S E V E N   –   S P L I T

Last night of the sail. A few girls and I spent most of the day moseying round old town. I actually didn’t take many photos that day. Most of these photos are from my day in Split before the sail.


The Riva; Split’s promenade.




The Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius; in the Diocletian’s Palace.


Of course, the day the sail split (… pun intended), it was blue skies, sun and warmth. Lindsey and I had a bit of extra time in Split. So after saying our farewells, we wandered down to the beach; where we spent most of the day. After catching some fireworks over the water (we didn’t realise that it was Croatia’s Independence Day), we enjoyed a simple, yet traditional and tasty dinner at Fife.

Overall, it was a pretty good week. It flew by. Although at times, the days felt long. The weather wasn’t really in our favour; but I guess it was to be expected, considering it was early October. Like with any tour, it’s unlikely that you’ll be best buds with everybody. But I was thankful that even though we had split into smaller groups early on, we all got along and really enjoyed the times where we did come together as one big group. Croatia Sail was a good way to get a feel of what’s now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. While I would’ve tweaked the itinerary slightly, opting to spend more time in Dubrovnik and Hvar, and less time in Makarska and Omiš, I relished having a break from planning my days.

Until next time Croatia.



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